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Struggling with the when, why and how of the 2-1 nap transition? Than this 90-minute class is for YOU! 


The transitions from two naps to one naps can be one of the HARDEST! Your little one may even start showing signs of wanting to transition before they are ready (think 12-months). Making sure the transition is handled in the best possible way is the key to skipping a regression and having smooth sailing into one nap! 


During this call, you will learn:


  • Early signs of the transition and how to keep two naps

  • Why to hold on to two naps for as long as possible

  • How to make the transition when the time is right

  • How to handle when childcare makes the transition too soon

  • Troubleshooting tips 

  • FAQ questions

  • And Moore


What parents took away from the class - 


"Step-by-step on how to make the transition work and example schedules of going through the transition/once the transition is over. Good to know what to be looking for when he's ready to start and how to successfully do it!"


"EVERYTHING. I was at a complete loss on how to transition him successfully and now I feel confident that I have the tools I need."


"Focus on controlling what I can control and be consistent at home no matter what is happening in childcare. Also that the 2-1 transition is more complex than I realized, but following this pattern of implementation will help to eliminate any side problems/effects to nighttime sleep that the transition may cause."




***Remember - you should always consult with your pediatrician before sleep training**



2-1 Nap Transition Web Class

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