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You're exhausted. you're not sleeping.

you've tried everything.

You're tired of being tired.



moore sleep courses!



My son did not sleep for the first four months of his life.


Sleep deprivation is something I was very familiar with and have since overcome.


For the first several months of my son’s life, my husband and I slept in shifts. When our little one did sleep, it was always on one of us and I felt trapped. I would sit holding my son wondering how was I going to go back to work? Would I ever get to go on another date with my husband?

I wondered if I would I ever get a full night of sleep again


I had no time for myself.


I suffered from post-partum depression and felt very overwhelmed.


Working with a sleep consultant helped me gain the tools and confidence I needed to help my son.


The journey of getting my son to sleep opened my eyes to the positive impact that having a child on a solid schedule and sleeping independently has on the ENTIRE family’s life.


True freedom is being able to put your child down at nap or bed time and walk out of the room with the confidence they will put themselves to sleep. And I want to give YOU that freedom!

Hope is just around the corner!


YOU have the opportunity to solve the

sleep challenges facing YOUR family!

is this for you?

If you've been dying to purchase a 1:1 with Maggie, but haven't been able to snag one - this may be the perfect option for you! 

Moore Sleep Webinar Courses are full power-point presentations that are recorded for you to read and listen while Maggie walks you through it step by step. 

She also will answer a few FAQ's at the end! 

I do not recommend sleep training before 16-weeks adjusted age.

The newborn course is for establishing great sleep habits, not to sleep train.

Always consult with your pediatrician before you make any changes to your child's sleep.  

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