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Sleep Services

Child up all night?


Are you walking, rocking and bouncing your little one all hours of the night?


Do you wake in the middle of the night and your toddler is in bed with you and you are not sure how they got there?


I have packages for all your sleep challenges.


I have been in your shoes and have over-come those obstacles!

I offer a variety of packages depending on your budget and parenting philosophy. If you need help deciding on the right package for your challenge, send me an email!





 I'll help you figure out the best choice to get your family Moore Sleep!


Sleep Guides

Choose from over 10 different sleep training guides that will help you DIY your way through your sleep training journey. 

From creating healthy habits as a newborn, starting true sleep training at 4 months, and learning what schedule your little one should be on based on their age! 

These guides will walk you through ALL of these questions & more!

Video Courses

Currently, you can purchase two of the guides as video courses - narrated by Maggie Moore! 

The video walks you through step by step details and includes FAQ's at the end.

You can also choose to pair this with the corresponding guide for maximum sleep training knowledge!

One on One Services

30 Minute q&A

Have some burning sleep questions you want answered?


Have a healthy foundation and understanding of sleep training?


This would be a perfect fit for you!

Mini Package

Struggling to understand sleep training?


Can't seem to get your little one to sleep independently?


In the mini package we will go through all of the foundations of sleep training and you will receive a customized sleep plan for you and your family.

There is no additional charge for each package for twins or triplets 

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