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How to Start with Sleep Training

Top Asked Questions by parents who want moore sleep just like you!

max sleep for an 8 month old?

3 hours and 15 minutes

My 3.5 yr old is waking at 5 am, no naps, bedtime at 7pm. Should we do an earlier bedtime?

With no naps, bedtime should be 12 hours after wakeup.

The earliest being 6 p.m. 

My little one is sick and is napping well but is tired before normal bedtime. Would you move up bedtime?

You can! 

Night sleep is the most restorative so we want to maximize it as much as possible.

8 Mo. Old is taking 3 naps. Naps 1 & 2 only last 1 hour each. Will they lengthen when #3 is dropped?

Drop the third nap as it has no restorative value!

how long can I stretch wake times when transitioning to 1 nap per day?

15 minute increments every few days.

when can I start sleep training?

16 weeks adjusted age!

When should night feeds stop?

Until 10 months.

Then it is realistic to think they can sleep 11-12 hours at night!

When does the transition to one nap happen? My little one is 1 year old and still on 2 naps per day.

This happens between 15-18 months.

The longer we wait the smoother it will go!

how to break the sleep to eat association?

Move the feeds to upon waking!

How do I get my 7 mo. old to stop waking up to eat at night?

Night feeds at this age are still normal.

Talk to your pediatrician!

15 Mo. old wants to wake at 5:30 am, bedtime is at 7 - should it be earlier?

Remember bedtime should always depend on the last nap of the day and quality and duration of the nap for the day.

We want to make sure we leave him/her until 6am to not reinforce the early wake-up.

My little one self-settles with a soother but still wakes every 2 hours at night and 45 minutes after nap.

Just say no to the paci dance after 16 weeks adjusted age!

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