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Sleep Tools we Love!

When my son wouldn't sleep I tried every product imaginable to help him.

While none of these products are going to get your little one to sleep 10 hours, they can aid in the process!

Here are my tried and true favorites

[that are 100% sleep safe!] 

Swaddling with ease! The Ollie Swaddle is great for newborns through the transition out of the swaddle.

  • Moisture wicking fabric prevents overheating

  • Effortless to put on

  • Easily secure your baby with 3 velcro panels

  • Able to access diaper from bottom of the swaddle, so no need to unswaddle for diaper changes

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The Ollie Swaddle

Time to transition out of the swaddle? Start using the Sleep Suit around three months.

  • Helps baby with his/her startle reflex

  • Designed for baby to feel less confined, while still allowing them to feel snug and cozy

  • Available in multiple colors, as well as in cotton or fleece


Once baby starts to roll, parents will want to transition to a sleep sack.

Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit

Little ones love to feel a parents touch! This product offers a great solution for your independent sleeper. 

  • Mimics parents touch

  • Nested Bean offers swaddles all the way up to pajama's which makes transitioning easy as 1-2-3

  • Available in multiple colors and patterns, as well as sizing up to 24-months. 


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Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.18.37 PM.png

Once baby is mobile and needs more freedom of movement, a sleep sack is the next step.

  • Sizing goes up to 4T, eliminating the need to transition out of the sleep sack before baby or toddler is ready

  • The Four Seasons Sleep Sack is made out merino wool, regulating the child's body temp - keepting them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Longer child is in the sleep sack = less of a chance of them climbing out of the crib! 

Easiest way to check on babe or toddler? Video monitor! 

  • Great tool for sleep training - easy way to see when babe is awake or asleep, gives mom and dad peace of mind

  • Two-way talking added benefit as baby grows.

  • Ability to connect up to three additional cameras for easy multi-child use.

  • "Peep Mode" allows you to silence monitor but will alert you to a noise

During sleep training, we want to eliminate as much light as possible in the room. Who likes to sleep in a bright room? Nobody!  

  • Long term, affordable option of keeping room dark

  • Keep out the heat, cold and outside noise

  • Come in a variety of colors and custom sizes

Be sure to measure your windows before you order!

The keys for using white noise when sleep training are it should be mild, boring and continuous.


  • Drowns out the noise of the house

  • Small and plug directly into outlet, making traveling a breeze

  • Controlled via an app on your pone

  • 75 different sounds and soft night light

These light weight muslin blankets are a great option for a swaddle or cover. 

  • Make a great lovey for your child after the age of one. AAP does not recommend having any loose blankets in the crib with your babe before then.

  • Great car seat or nursing cover in a pinch 

  • They have a collegiate collection

My son still sleeps with his swaddle blanket as a toddler! 

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 3.02.17 PM.png

Easy and convenient way to have temperature control.  

  • Eight different speeds

  • Fan light can be turned off to keep the room dark

  • Remote makes it easy to switch speeds while nursing

  • Adds an additional layer of white noise

We have had this fan in my son's room for over two years and it is still going strong. 

*The links on this page are affiliate links. Clients/customers should research each product to determine if it is the correct fit for your family.*

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