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Four-Month-Old June | Testimonial

Four-Month-Old June, Mom Sarah

Maggie provided a lot of great advice.

With the initial phone call before I could start sleep training, she reassured me that anything could be undone and to just enjoy my time with my daughter.

Before choosing to do a consult a with Maggie, we were seriously struggling with short naps and were looking for guidance and specific direction on how to get our daughter to fall asleep independently and take longer naps.

Maggie responded to my emails with support and encouraging words. During my mini package phone call Maggie was very specific and direct in describing the different methods of sleep training and what to expect, so much so that I didn’t have a lot of questions to ask because she answered them.

Lastly, Maggie suggested picking a gentler sleep training method because you could always move to a more direct one.

I’m so glad I reached out to Maggie and would definitely encourage any other mothers struggling with their little one’s sleep to utilize the services provided by Moore Sleep, LLC!

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