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Inexpensive Christmas Ornament Keepsakes

My favorite ornaments on my tree are the ones I have made and bonus - they are SO simple to do! I have several; one with my son’s birth announcement, my wedding invite with a ribbon from my bouquet; and, one from every beach vacation we have taken! (A couple of years ago we want on vacation with my husband’s family and I made one for each family member on the trip.)

These make great gifts for a baby’s first Christmas, recognizing first Christmas together, or as a keepsake for grandparents! A 12-pack of empty ornaments cost less than $10 on Amazon. So, for less than $1/ornament, plus whatever materials you decide to fill it with, you can create a special ornament to hang on the tree for years to come. I do recommend going with plastic ornaments over glass because, well… kids.

Materials needed

· One clear plastic ornament (different sizes are available at Michaels or Joann Fabric)

· Whatever you want to fill it with (birth announcement, wedding invite, shells from beach)

· Sharpie to write or draw on it (the metallic or glitter Sharpies add a festive touch)

Step 1:

If using shells, be sure to soak them in a 50/50 water-vinegar mix to get rid of any ocean smell and kill off germs. If you are using an invite or announcement, cut it into even horizontal strips.

Step 2:

If using shells, fill the empty ornament to the desired amount. (I typically fill them about halfway.) If using an announcement or invite, curl the horizontal strips with the image and wording facing out when filling the ornament.

Step 3:

Cap the ornament and write or draw on it as you choose! For beach vacations, I always write the location and the year but for birth announcements and wedding invites, I leave them blank.

Step 4: Hang on your tree or wrap it up as a gift!

If you make this craft, I would love to see a picture! Be sure to Direct Message it to me on Instagram at @getmooresleep.

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