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Fall Decor

Can you believe the first day of fall is next week? It seems like I have been seeing pumpkins at the grocery stores since the middle of August.

Everyone is always trying to rush to the next season! I will admit that I have been patiently waiting for September and cooler weather to arrive so I can put out my Fall decorations.

Typically, I am the kind of gal who only decorates for Christmas (and for that I go all out,) but I found a fall sign at Hobby Lobby that I loved, and it has been downhill ever since.

Max’s two favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas.

If it were up to him, we would have skeletons, bats and spiders galore.

That is not exactly the motif I am going for, so we try to find a happy medium. My plan is to decorate with a Fall and Harvest items in September and November, transitioning to a spookier Halloween theme in October!

I have been doing my best to find decorations that are transitional and will work for both settings.

I try to not pick anything overly trendy in an attempt to avoid buying new stuff year after year. Also, I am firm believer that less is more when it comes to decorations and don’t want it to look like I bought every decoration that was available at Hobby Lobby or Kirkland’s. Decorating isn’t always my strong suit, so I tend to leave it to the professionals (aka my mom).

Here are some of my favorite fall decoration finds:

1. Reversible Wood Sign – Seems like these tall signs are on everyone’s front porch with “WELCOME” on them. I love this one because on one side it says, “Hello Fall” and “Boo to You!” on the other side. Perfect for my plan to cover both Halloween and Fall!

2. Do you know about the “craft” pumpkins that you can use year after year? I didn’t realize this was a thing until I was shopping at Hobby Lobby recently. These pumpkins can be painted and carved, then used year after year without worry of rotting. Score!

3. I love a monogram. They add a nice, personal touch to everything from cloths, to napkins, to decor! Kirkland’s has these pumpkins with initials on them!

In October, my plan is to add a few decorations to make it a little spookier for Max. Here is what I am thinking:

1. I already have hooks on my porch for Christmas lights, so I figure they can also serve as hangers for the bats that Max insists on having! Easy to put up and easy to take down!

2. Max is convinced we need this witch and cat to put on the hill we live on! (Have I mentioned he loves the movie Hocus Pocus?)

3. What Halloween decor would be complete without skeletons? I plan to get two of these and have twins for the chairs on our porch!

Happy Halloween! Hopefully it’s not too spooky for trick or treaters!

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