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Fall Craft | Up-cycling Old Wine Corks

Over the years, I have collected a ton of wine corks. Not that I drank that many bottles of wine; I just like to use them to decorate around the house! At four-years-old, Max is very into all things fall, so I thought it would be fun to take some of the old corks and make inexpensive fall decorations!

Also, this would also be a very fun girl’s night craft… Drink some spiked Apple Cider and make a cute decoration!

Supply List:

· 25 corks (per pumpkin)

· Hot glue gun

· Orange paint

· One piece of green felt

· Some twine

· Paint brush

· Scissors

Step 1: Paint both ends of 24 wine corks with orange paint and allow to dry.

Step 2: After the corks have dried, arrange the 24 corks, lying on their side, in rows as follows:

· Four on the bottom row

· Five in the next row (above the four)

· Six corks in the next (this will be your middle row)

· Then five again

· Finish with four in the top row

TIP: To have the most perfect pumpkin, try to pick corks of the same size and length.

Step 3: Hot glue the corks in each row together and allow to set. Once they have set, you will then hot glue the rows to each other in the order listed above.

Step 4: Take the 25th cork and cut it three fourths of the way down with the scissors. Place in the center of the top row of four corks and glue. This will serve as the stem of the pumpkin.

Step 5: Cut leaf shapes from green felt and hot glue them around the stem at the top

Step 6: Tie a short piece of twine around the stem so it looks like the pumpkin is fresh off the vine!

The great thing about this craft is you can use it in September, October and November, as it is a fall decoration and not specific to any one holiday! I plan to put ours in our bar area.

Be sure to tag me on social media (@getmooresleep) when you and your family do this craft!

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