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Three reasons childcare sleep is tricky – at all ages

Sleep at a childcare facility can be very tricky! I experienced it first hand when my son was an infant. Most childcare providers are regulated by state laws about how, when and where your child can sleep (this is true for infants all the way to Pre-K). If your child’s provider is not, you may want to consider looking a different provider.

Each age classroom has its own set of challenges as it relates to sleep. No matter how old, your child may not be immune.

Most childcare providers are regulated by state laws about when, where and how your child can sleep. Here are 3 things that can cause sleep issues with your little one!

The best thing you can do is know how to handle it and have a plan for how to counter it at home!

Infant Room Challenges

Parents hear me preach dark room with white noise all the time and then instantly panic when they realize that environment can’t always be recreated at childcare. The reason I suggest those two components is it helps induce sleep quickly and helps your child get the most restorative sleep possible. But if they can’t have either of those, that's ok!

What is more important is that you find a childcare provider who doesn’t require all babies in the infant room to nap at the exact same time!

While it may seem easier to have all the infants nap at the same time (everyone is asleep at the same time, hooray!), it is not realistic! A four-month old and a nine-month old should not be on the same schedule.

Toddler Room Challenges

It seems to be a universal rule that all children in at childcare be transitioned to one-a-nap-a-day WAY too young. Toddlers are not ready to transition to one nap until 15 to 18-months and the longer we wait the better! However, most childcare facilities transition in the toddler room (think 12-months).

The best thing we can do to combat this at home is keep the age appropriate schedule, two-naps-a-day, on the weekends and during breaks.

This is the best way to ensure your child is still getting some of the rest they need and not becoming overtired.

Pre-school and Pre-K Challenges

Your little one may be done napping around three-years-old, but those naps may continue to linger until they go to kindergarten. This can be especially true at school, when younger children around them may be sleeping still. Having that nap can make for some bedtime battles, which is no fun for anyone!

Check with your childcare provider to see if they offer another option for nap time!

Childcare sleep can be a beast, but it doesn’t mean it has to be unmanageable!


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