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Dealing with Criticism when Creating a Sleep Schedule

What do you do when well-meaning advice and opinions make you question your parenting?

We have all fallen victim to family and parents – sometimes even strangers – offering their two-cents about the particulars of our parenting.

I hear it the most about sleep (obviously). So how can you gracefully and politely tell those people thanks but no thanks and explain your position as it relates to sleep?

They don’t have to agree but they do need to respect.

It’s ok to have differing points of view but we all have to respect others choices.

The most pressure parents feel is when their own parents or family question the choices they are making as parents. Those questions cause internal conflict and make parents second guess their choices.

The best way to handle this is by explaining to family that you appreciate their insight but that you and your spouse/significant other have made the determination as to what is best for your family. And, while they may not agree with it, you would appreciate their support. You understand their point of view as it relates to sleep and will be sure to circle back if you have questions.

Proof is in the pudding!

Right before sleep training, and during, are often when the opinions come flooding in.

This is often trigged by the protesting from little one that can happen while sleep training. But as independent sleep starts to fall into place and your little ones' sleep becomes more consistent the majority of time grandparents and family are surprised in the difference sleep makes for the ENTIRE family!

Once every one starts sleeping, family often sees the difference it makes in not just little one but in parents as well.

Well rested baby leads to well rested parents and everyone is much happier!

Schedule impacts family functions

There is always a lot of pressure around family functions to stay longer and let little one stay up so the whole family can visit. What family often doesn't realize is by skipping naps and going to bed later, babe is growing overtired.

Children who are overtired have a hard time falling asleep, staying a sleep, fight sleep more and typically wake up earlier.

It is up to us as parents to preserve our little ones sleep schedules as much as possible to prevent them from becoming overtired. Parents and little ones end up paying the price to a disrupted sleep schedule.

The best thing to do is set the expectation that while you will be there to spend time together, it is important for your family to stick to your normal schedule.

Make sure when you arrive you set up a room for little one to sleep in. Keep it as close to your home environment as you can. Dark, white noise are the keys!

Family Babysitting

Parents want a night out every once in a while.

This can get tricky when the family member babysitting doesn’t agree with your sleep training or schedule. Parents often worry if they will follow the directions laid out for them.

This is why I developed my newest guide – The Babysitting Guide to get Moore Sleep.

It allows me to do the heavy lifting by having a professional explaining to the babysitter why sleep training and schedules are SO important.

The guide will be launching on July 12, and will be only $13.97!

Moore Sleep Soon!



P.S. If you still struggle with independent sleep and schedule, be sure to check out my independent sleep guide and my age appropriate guides.

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