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Why should I hire a Sleep Consultant?

When I told people we hired someone over the internet to help sleep train my son, we got many a side eye. Most had never heard of a sleep consultant and were skeptical of what a person thousands of miles away could teach someone about getting their child to sleep.

Toddler and baby sleeping

Not every baby or child requires sleep training, however, there are thousands of families not getting the sleep they so desperately need.

According to a survey performed by Owlet Baby Care only 5% of parents of zero to six month olds are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep at night. Forty-three percent said they are only getting an average of one to three hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. Beyond those parents racking up a sleep debt, so are their infants and toddlers.

How a Pediatric Sleep Consultant can help your family Get Moore Sleep:

  • Books, internet articles and family and friends offer an overwhelming amount of information on how you can get your child to sleep. But sleep deprivation and fragmented sleep go beyond being sleepy – it also affects how parents can think and cope. So, the information overload makes it even more difficult to development a clear plan to get your family Moore Sleep. Working with me, families get my experience and expertise in a clear, easy to follow plan. I am there every step of the way to empower your family to make the necessary changes to get your family the sleep they need.

  • I do not offer cookie cutter approach to solving your family’s sleep problems. I work diligently to understand the challenges your family is facing as it relates to your infant or toddler and to get to know what your parenting philosophy is. I never a push a family to try a method they are not comfortable with. I offer the gentlest to the most direct approaches.

  • There are many sleep consultants on the internet, however, not all are certified. I have completed more the 80 hours of training and course work, including lactation and SIDS classes. I am the only FSI Certified Sleep Consultant in Southern Indiana and Kentucky.

  • I have been in your shoes. As you have read in my About section, my son was a horrible sleeper as an infant. He experienced reflux and I experienced postpartum depression. Our sleep consultant changed our family life and was the best parenting decision we have made.

Your family’s journey to getting Moore Sleep starts here. Contact me with questions or click over to the Services page to see which package works best for your family.

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