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What parents are saying about Moore Sleep!

Feedback from Parents who are getting moore sleep!

". . . Maggie was knowledgeable, kind, and invested throughout the whole process. She answered my many questions and was supportive and encouraging, especially when we needed it most.


No matter your baby’s sleep challenges, big or small, Maggie can help. She will change your life. Sleep training works. It really, really works. And it is so worth it. . .


Quite simply: Maggie is a godsend."

— Aimee, mom of 4 month old Millie

". . .Maggie reassured me that anything could be undone and to just enjoy my time with my daughter. During my mini package phone call Maggie was very specific and direct in describing the different methods of sleep training and what to expect. . . I’m so glad I reached out to Maggie and would definitely encourage any other mothers struggling with their little one’s sleep to utilize the services!"

— Sarah, Mom of 4 month old June

"Our 9.5 month old had been co-sleeping and nursing all night long.


I bought the sleep training guide and then scheduled a consult with Maggie and it was the best decision I made!


I wold recommend this service to everyone and anyone. It only took a couple of nights to get baby sleeping through the night - Maggie has awesome information and explain things step by step very well!"

— Anna, mom of 9.5 month old

"After purchasing Maggie's Sleep Training Guide, I am sleeping & feel like a brand new person! 

We were struggling with sleeping through the night and eliminating night time feeds, and the Sleep Training Guide was a serious Godsend!"

— Sarah

"After purchasing the sleep training guide, I am seeing steady results with our little one. 

Previously we were struggling with bed times, nap refusals and way more night feedings than needed. 

I've recommended Moore Sleep to tons of friends! I always say if you're struggling, Maggie knows her stuff and we have lived it! It's not a walk in the park, but Maggie is receptive and involved with all of her clients and that's something you don't see often!"

— Britaney G.

"After purchasing the Nap & Bedtime Routine Guide from Moore Sleep, I'm finally sleeping again! 

My biggest pain point was that I felt like I didn't know what I was doing. I needed guidance and questions answered. 

I have recommended Maggie to many friends because she's a great baby sleep expert and has helped me so much!"

— Amanda

Feedback from Moore Sleep in a Week Students

"MSIAW Bootcamp has been a blessing to our little family.


Maggie has provided my husband and I with the resources, knowledge and confidence to successfully sleep train our little man.


We could never thank Maggie enough for all of her assistance and support throughout the MSIAW Bootcamp!"

— Brittany P., Mom to 6 month old

"Thank you for offering this bootcamp where I was able to gain valuable knowledge in the world of sleep training.


My family will prosper from this information and be well versed in what steps to take to go forward when we hit a snag in the road.


I would take this class over and over (if I could) just so that I could continue learning. Naps have already improved within days and night sleep is just chugging along even with the slight change in routine!


It’s amazing!"

— Tiffany L., Mom to a 5 month old

"MSIAW Bootcamp was great!


Maggie is extremely personable and understanding to the intricacies of sleep for your little ones. Throughout the course of the week I gained a greater understanding of the "why" and "how" to baby sleep, and it helped me to understand any difficulties and roadblocks my baby might face throughout the night.


It is so easy to get frustrated from lack of sleep, (especially with twins!), but I felt like I was given some great tools to implement to get me one step closer to solid sleep."

— Kara C., Mom to 5 month old twins

"MSIAW Bootcamp was just what my family needed - with two little ones sleeping terribly, we had two parents sleeping terribly, too.


Maggie gave us the tools, knowledge, help and support to make important changes and adjustments in our lives.


Now my kiddos are going down so much easier at night, they're not overtired and we have our evenings back - thank you, Maggie!!!"

— Amy B., Mom to a 2 yr old and 6.5 month old

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