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4-8 Month Video Course COMBO

Are you ready for a happy, healthier, well rested baby? Sleep becomes a total game changer for your little one at four months old because it is at this age you can truly begin sleep training.
4-8 Month Video Course COMBO

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This is an evergreen course!
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*This course is assuming your little one is falling asleep independently. If you are in need of help with the sleep training foundations, please purchase my sleep training foundations guide!*

At this age your infant’s circadian rhythms have finally matured and their sleep is more organized – which makes sleep training easier! If you have a laid a healthy sleep foundation – by either using my newborn guide or taking my newborn course – then sleep training will be a breeze! If not, don’t fret!

In this web-based video course, Maggie will walk you through: 

  • Age appropriate sleep tips & tricks for your little ones who are 4-8 months old. 
  • Sample sleep schedules for each age from 4-8 months, nap & bedtime 
  • Trouble Shooting tips 
  • The EASY method

When purchasing this course, you will also receive the 4-8 Month Sleep Survival Guide! 


  • 4-8 Month Video Course COMBO

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